fresher future

We’re working to ensure a future that’s cleaner, kinder and safer for everyone and every pet

Social Responsibility

We aspire to create a fresher planet and leave no trace.

We do this by taking a holistic approach, reducing our impact on the environment and preserving resources for future generations.

From reducing waste and emissions to investing in renewable energy and sustainable practices, we are committed to making a positive difference to the fresh future of our planet.

To do this, our business is built on four critical pillars that enable us to create a world where every pet eats fresher every day.


We all love Australian & New Zealand produce and proteins. Sustainably and ethically sourced and best possible quality.


Produced in a way that supports our aspiration of a fresher planet and our philosophy of Every paw print counts.


We are nothing without the fresh thinking of our amazing people. Actively acknowledging and encouraging diversity and development.


The very reason we do all this. Pets make us better people, so we want the best for their welfare, health and happiness.


Fresher food begins with provenance – Australian and New Zealand produce and proteins. How we manage our land, sea, air and water matters. For this we have a simple philosophy.

Every paw print counts.

Every action we take has a consequence. Every step can alter the future of the planet. It is our responsibility to make every paw print smaller. At RPF we strive to adopt the philosophy that every paw print counts. We consciously consider each step on our journey and endeavour to have each step we take, every decision we make impact the planet and its inhabitants in a positive way towards a fresher planet.

It’s why we are striving to re-enforce sustainable, high quality, ethical and traceable supply chains.

To learn about our pollution management read our policies:

Fresher nutrition is a way of working

To us, fresher nutrition is more than a nutritional philosophy, it is a way of working. At RPF, our people, our partners and our processes are all aligned so we can make fresher nutrition for your pets. It’s core to who we are and how we work.

Award winning kitchens

Our kitchens are home to some of the most loved and awarded brands of pet food. All our products are proudly produced in our own specialised sites across the globe and are independently certified to relevant local pet food manufacturing standards in addition to some of the same stringent standards applied to human food manufacturing.
Award winning kitchens

Locally-sourced Ingredients

We prioritise quality from the moment we source our ingredients ensuring the safety and integrity of your pet's food from factory to bowl. ​Each ingredient undergoes strict quality assessments prior to inclusion into our recipes.
Locally-sourced Ingredients

Trusted suppliers

We only partner with trusted suppliers to the pet food industry to source our ingredients. Each supplier must pass strict criteria to supply to us as well as pass our modern slavery assessment.
Trusted suppliers

Pets & Products

Everything we do is for our pets. They give us so much love and joy. And we want them to have the best life possible. It is why we have a total focus on their health through better and fresher nutrition. This is achieved through total quality and following the latest nutrition guidelines and regulations.

Pet Nutrition Expertise

Quality fresher nutrition all starts with our people. RPF has the leaders in pet nutrition – with a diverse educational and ‘hands-on’ background, our accomplished team of pet nutrition and highly qualified manufacturing experts lead the research and development of our pet foods through their extensive experience in pet nutrition, animal science, veterinary medicine, food science, packaging technology and related disciplines. Having such a well-rounded team with advanced degrees and specialised expertise spanning a combined total greater than 200 years is essential for developing high-quality, safe and fresher pet foods.

It is these experts who help create the right recipes and select fresh ingredients from trusted meat processors, farms and suppliers and then we follow a process of world class quality control, including:

  • Throughout the manufacturing process our quality teams are continually checking and inspecting and measuring  raw material quantities ensuring adherence versus recipe.
  • Recording of recipe ingredients through batch records, and of finished product pallets and their destinations to ensure traceability.
  • Carefully controlled processing temperatures and times.
  • Regular sampling and testing of finished products to ensure minimum weights and packaging integrity are maintained which may include continuous monitoring through cameras, metal detectors, magnets or x-rays
  • Ensuring key food safety parameters are met.
  • Nutritional testing to ensure compliance to our pack declarations.
  • Batch Retention – every batch produced is kept in storage on site for future testing to ensure we can always address any future quality questions.

Nutritional Guidelines

RPF is an active member of the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA) and the NZ Pet Food Manufacturers Association. In Australia RPF supports the industry standard AS5812 – Manufacturing and Marketing of Petfood with representation across all levels of the association including the executive board while also liaising with local and government departments. The principal purpose for which the Association is established is to promote standards of excellence in the development of the Australian Pet Food Industry.​

Nutritionally, RPF follows international Nutrition Standards such as AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry), depending on the market requirements for sale of Petfood in that country.


With the RPF values at the core of what we do we will continue to focus on development, meaning, diversity, inclusion and equality. And we want our people to thrive, to be champions of fresher thinking. Its why we have created a workplace that caters to the diversity of our people from factory to field and head office.

  • We offer a flexible work environment. Hybrid setup for office roles and great opportunities for career development.
  • Pets are welcome – bring them into the office for everyone to enjoy.
  • Feed our brands – feed fresher at home for a better life.
  • Keep learning and we’ll support you – study assistance.
  • Parents are our priority – time to be with the birth of your child and yes, your pet
  • Fair work for all - at RPF we are a leader in and fully support the Modern Slavery Act 2018. Read our Modern Slavery Report 2022.
  • Safe space for all - we believe fresher thinking flourishes when you have true diversity and inclusion and where everyone feels welcome to contribute.
    We support and encourage our people to use SPEAK UP! An anonymous and
    confidential service to ensure everyone feels safe and welcome.
  • We’re committed to maintaining stringent safety standard across all our factories. All staff received Health & Safety Hero for Zero Programs as part of onboarding experience.

That’s just some of the ways we create a great working environment for our people. We do this because our people are the passion behind our brands and purpose.