Vet's Best™

In 1997 whilst practicing as a vet in rural NSW, Dr Marie Rowe BVSc. MSc. was often asked to recommend a healthy and nutritious treat for pets. 

Realising that there was no such product on the market, she started buying human-grade liver from her local family butcher, slicing and cooking it in her own oven. 

These became the very first 100% natural liver treats and so, Vet’s Best Products were born. 

Today, Vet's Best is made with care by RPF in Somersby on the beautiful Central Coast NSW, and Dr Angus Hayes BVSc. MVS. continues to recommend and advocate for the brand to its vast customer base of veterinary clinics across Australia. 

Why buy Vet's Best™?

Air Dried. 100% Lamb Liver. 

Vet's Best® Air Dried Lamb Rewards uses only the best quality Australian Lamb Liver, gently air dried.

It's 100% natural and contains no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

Where to buy

Vet’s Best® available only through Veterinary clinics - check your local vet clinic for stock availability.

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