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Fussy cat™ was founded on the belief that our little feline carnivores deserve only the finest ingredients. With a diverse range of tasty varieties, Fussy Cat™ can satisfy your cat’s natural cravings in a way in which is ideally suited to their digestion.

All of our products are made with quality meat and added vitamins and minerals to offer a complete & balanced diet and treats are a great addition to further spoil your loved one. All products are grain free with delicious varieties and textures that will have your cat purring for more.

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Why buy Fussy Cat™?

Even the fussiest of felines will love the great flavour and grain free goodness of the Fussy Cat™ range.

We know that cats can be picky eaters. Fussy Cat™ has a wide range of tasty products that will delight any feline! Explore our range of product formats, whether that be chilled, wet, dry or treats.

Cats need meat in their diet and they love the taste in all textures and varieties. That’s why all Fussy Cat™ products are grain free.

All Fussy Cat™ products are made with quality ingredients and are made here locally in Australia. Feed your fussy feline the meat cats love.

Your cat's health and wellbeing is our #1 priority

Grain Free
Quality Meat
Added Vitamins & Minerals
Broad variety for balanced diet

Our products

Go on a taste adventure with our wide range of Fussy Cat™ products; from dry kibble to wet pouches to chilled mince.

  • Fussy Cat Twice as Tasty Grain Free Mince & Morsels Wet Cat Food 12x80g

    Fussy Cat Twice as Tasty Grain Free Mince & Morsels Wet Cat Food 12x80g

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