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New Slow Cooked Meals

Your dog will love mealtimes with our delicious new range of Nature's Gift Slow Cooked meals. Ready-to-serve for a quick and convenient meal, they are gently slow cooked to lock in vital nutritional goodness, using real Australian meat and quality grains and vegetables, with no added artificial colours or flavours.

Your dog will love the meaty delight of Nature’s Gift Slow Cooked and won't believe it's for them!

Look for them now in the Pet Food Fridge in your local supermarket, in 3 delicious flavours.

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New Slow Cooked Meals Range

Convenient 2x 220g ready to serve meals, slow cooked to lock in goodness.

Health Benefits

Real Aussie Meat 1st Ingredient
Prebiotic to support healthy digestion
Calcium & phosphorus to support strong teeth & bones
Omega 3 & 6 for skin & coat health
Slow cooked to lock in goodness
Australian made
No artificial colours or flavours


Nature's Gift Slow Cooked Meals are preferred by Dogs*

Nature's Gift™ Slow Cooked Meals are so delicious, they are dogs preference when given a choice between Nature's Gift™ Slow Cooked Meals and a leading competitor.



Transition Guide

Switching food too quickly can lead to tummy upsets. If feeding Nature’s Gift brand for the first time or new to chilled dog food, it is recommended that you switch their main food gradually.

We recommend a gradual transition over 4-5 days to help avoid stomach upsets.



Best Way to Serve Slow Cooked Meals

For optimum enjoyment, our Slow Cooked Meals can be served straight from the fridge cool or at room temperature. The easiest way is to cut the pack open and dispense as required. Take a fork and loosen the chunky meat pieces and vegetables before serving to your hungry pup.



Keep it Fresh

To maintain ultimate freshness, once the product is opened, we recommend any remaining food be consumed within 3 days. We suggest to store any open packs in an air-tight container, keeping it refrigerated below 4 degrees Celsius.

Product can be frozen. Always serve food in a clean bowl and have fresh clean water available at all times.

About Nature's Gift

Natural ingredients. No nasties.

At Nature’s Gift, we understand that your four legged friend occupies a very special place in your family and your heart - and that just like humans, dogs need a diet that’s full of goodness and free from nasties.

It’s why we do everything we can to create food that’s not only delicious, but carefully crafted for your dog’s health and wellbeing. Food that has Australian meat as the number 1 ingredient and rich in added vitamins and minerals.

Our mission is simple: to produce natural, delicious food that keeps four legged family members happy and full of life.

Everything dogs need. Nothing they don’t.

Real Ingredients
Added Vitamins & Minerals
Variety of Formats
Complete & Balanced
Made in Australia with Real Australian Meat
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