Together we transform every pet's life for the better, with fresher.

Our Brands

Feeding better together

Billy + Margot®

Boosting each other lives and making each moment count.

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We believe in the TRILOGY™ of a harmonious life (nutrition, rest and play). When all are in balance our true instinctual selves thrive.

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Farmers Market

Real Food. Real Flavour. Real Nourishment. Because they are family too.

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Ivory Coat

Ivory Coat is the Australian Natural Health™ pet food brand that delivers uncomplicated, essential nutrition to look after your pets for life.

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Benyfit Natural

Benyfit Natural's freshly prepared raw dog food is 100% natural, nutritionally balanced for your pet's diet and sustainably sourced by one of the UK's leading raw dog food suppliers.

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Nature's Gift

Nature’s Gift is the natural choice for your pet

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Natures Goodness

We understand that what your dog eats affects their health and vitality.

Natures Goodness Grain free offers a grain free alternative to help maximise your dog’s energy levels in a way which is best suited to their digestion. The holistic blend of natural ingredients in every Natures Goodness Grain free product have been carefully selected to deliver the health, taste and nutrition that your dog needs to get the most out of life.

Fussy Cat

At Fussy Cat we know Cats love and need meat in their diet. That is why all our delicious meals are grain free with meat as #1 ingredient which is sure to leave the bowl licked clean every time.

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Doctor B's BARF

The ORIGINAL raw pet food from Dr. Ian Billinghurts based on the principles of Evolutionary Nutrition so your pet can have the happy and healthy life they deserve.

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V.I.P. Petfoods

Our delicious range of chilled pet foods are proudly Australian made and trusted for over 3 generations - using only Australian meats for great taste and a healthy life.

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More ways to love'em today

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We are dedicated to supplying fresh, meaty diets to New Zealand's cats and dogs.

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