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love'em Brekkie Bakes Cereal & Milk Dog Treats 200g

Treat your furry friend with these delicious Cereal & Milk Brekkie Bakes. Baked to perfection and loaded with goodness, your dog will love this delicious morning treat!.These delicious Brekkie Bakes are oven baked to perfection. Loaded with nutritious wholegrains that are a natural source of fibre, protein, B vitamins and iron to help kickstart your dog's day! Suitable for all ages, simply enjoy straight from the box or soak the biscuit in water to create a mouth-watering softer texture. Your dog will surely love this delicious morning treat!

All natural breakfast bakes

Perfect for delicious morning breaks - with the goodness of whole grains

We source quality wholegrains and chicken from trusted Australian farmers

Made from all natural ingredients. No added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

Source of protein & fibre
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