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Fussy Cat Twice as Tasty Grain Free Kitten Wet Food 12x80g

Real meat, just as nature intended.

Fussy Cat was founded on the belief that our little feline carnivores deserve only the finest ingredients – food that’s full of taste, but free from grains & unnecessary fillers.

NEW from Fussy Cat – A deliciously exciting range of single serve pouches your cat won’t be able to resist!

Two delicious textures of meat come together to create one irresistibly tasty grain free meal your kitten will love.
Fine mince and luscious chicken gravy in Chicken, Tuna & Beef.

That is guaranteed to leave the bowl licked clean every time.

Omega 3 fatty acids help promote healthy skin and coat

High-quality protein helps support strong muscle growth.

Taurine helps maintain heart and vision health.

Real Australian meat #1 ingredient

Grain-free the meat cats love

Complete & Balanced nutrition, means you won't have to worry about them getting the nutrition they need.

Australian Made

Mix it up with some of our Fussy Cat Kitten Kibbles or Fresh Mince as a nutritious snack.
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