Ursula Philips

Chief Information Officer

Ursula is results oriented, people focused and passionate about the role of IT to innovate, enable business growth and improve work-life quality.  Ursula has a diverse range of strategy and delivery experience spanning government, consulting, FMCG, retail and transport and is at home in today’s complex, multi-geography, multi-provider environment. Ursula joined us from PepsiCo in August 2018 and is driving our digital transformation in support of our aspiration to be a Top 5 Global Pet Food Business by 2022.  

Tabitha is a 3 year old rescue cat who was once the runt of the litter. She is now a very healthy weight, thanks in part to her love of Fussy Cat Prime Steak Mince in all flavours. She did not however love our photoshoot and, unlike Cleo and Louis, will not be a regular visitor to the office.

Sean Joyce
Head of Operations

David Grant
CEO and Board Member

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