Alissa Taylor

HR Director

Alissa is a highly skilled HR professional with extensive experience in category and business transformation in cases where acquisition or integration was a core focus. As RPFC continues its strategic acquisitions and organic growth, Alissa is implementing HR management strategies that support the organisation’s ambition to have the best performing and most passionate pet care team in the world. In her career, Alissa has amassed a decade of experience in HR alongside ten years experience in the pet care sector. 

Hugo the cheeky 2-year-old Labradoodle plays the fool but is cleverer than he lets on. He loves nothing more than swimming and chasing his friends at the Dog Park, and has an unhealthy tendency for socks, the dirtier the better! His favourite food is Natures Goodness Grain Free treats and will show how clever he is in order to score one!

Marc Blagg

Kent Quinn
Technical Director

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