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Here at Farmers Market™ we believe real food means real flavour. 

We are committed to creating nutritionally balanced food for pets, using wholesome natural* ingredients proudly sourced from farms. 

We select real and simple ingredients, like what you would find at your local farmer’s market and use in your own kitchens, ensuring your pet enjoys every bite. 

We want to deliver happiness to pets and their owners every day. 

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Why buy Farmers Market™?


At Farmers Market™, natural* means bringing the taste of the farm to your pet’s bowl. Packed with wholesome vegetables and with premium meat, our products deliver real food with real flavour. 

*No added artificial colours and flavour 


We understand pet owners lead busy lives but that doesn’t mean their pets don’t deserve to eat tasty, nutritious food just like their family.

That’s why we’ve created wholesome, balanced meals with real ingredients you can see in every bite.


Meat is one of the best sources of protein for your pet. It boosts their energy and gives them a healthy immune system.

All of our pet food products, from dry food to treats, have natural Australian meat protein as the #1 ingredient.


We source the finest natural ingredients and add in essential vitamins and minerals to create nutritionally balanced and delicious meals.

If you’re not satisfied with our healthy pet food products, you can simply contact us for a replacement. 


To us it's just a walk in the park, a throw of the ball or a scratch behind the ears, but these are the BEST. MOMENTS. EVER. to our pets because they are shared with you. 

At Farmer’s Market™ we want to help nurture these moments by creating wholesome and natural pet food that brings joy and happiness to pets and their owners. 

Our products

FROM OUR KITCHEN TO YOURS. Proudly Aussie. Proudly Natural.

  • Farmers Market Puppy Kibble with Chicken & Farm Vegetables 6.5kg

    Farmers Market Puppy Kibble with Chicken & Farm Vegetables 6.5kg

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